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What is the Stratosphere Affiliate Program and how does it work?

Stratosphere affiliate program targets sites that want to leverage the Stratosphere brand to monetize traffic, by placing our property links and banners on your web site. We offer a competitive commission-based business model and cookie period, you will earn commission for each booking your customers complete.  Each time a user makes a Qualified Booking and stays with one of our participating properties via that online booking, we pay you! Once you sign up and complete the easy implementation process, you’re ready to start earning money with Stratosphere.

Is there a cost to be an Affiliate?

Nothing. It's free to become an affiliate partner.

Which ACEP LLC properties are eligible to earn commission on in the Affiliate Program?

Stratosphere Hotel, Aquarius, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, Arizona Charlie’s Boulder

What are the ways that an Affiliate can earn commission in your program?

As a Stratosphere affiliate you can earn commissions from
Hotel Stays

  • From Stratosphere, Aquarius, Arizona Charlies Boulder and Arizona Charlies Decatur
  • 30 Day Cookie Duration
  • Commissions are 8% on qualified stays

Attraction Program

  • (Coming Soon!)

How do I sign up?

First you must read our Stratosphere Affiliate Operating Agreement. If you accept our agreement terms, then you can click the link below to join. Signing up is quick, easy and free.
Join Now

What am I responsible for as an Affiliate?

We handle all reservations, billing, and customer service. You are responsible for installing and updating links on your site through our Stratosphere Affiliate membership site.

Can a web site outside the United States be an Affiliate?

Yes, we invite applicants from around the world to take advantage of this program. However, all transactions will be in U.S. currency.

Does my web site qualify to become an Affiliate?

We review each application carefully and determine eligibility at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to reject or remove sites at any time, for any reason. To learn more about the criteria we use in evaluating potential affiliates, please read our Affiliate Operating Agreement.


What promotional tools are provided?

As a Stratosphere affiliate you can choose from a variety of tools and creative to place on your Web site(s):

  • A variety of Text Links and Banners (various themes and sizes)
  • Content links
  • Deals & specials
  • Affiliate Newsletter

Can I use your content on my site?

Any links, graphics, ad banners, icons, and content supplied to you through the Stratosphere Affiliate membership site feel free to use. If you see something specific on the site you would like to use, please contact us for written approval.

How long does the Stratosphere Affiliate cookie last?

The Stratosphere Affiliate latency period (cookie tracking period) lasts for 30 days.


What is your commission structure?

The commission payable to the Affiliate is 8% of the net revenue actually generated from the room rate, excluding taxes, resort fee, room charges, and any other costs incurred during the stay. Commissions are only paid on those sales that result in a concluded stay at one of AECP LLC properties.

How do I get paid?

We batch payouts for all qualified stays monthly. You will receive a check each month that you have $50 or more in payable commissions. Please note that a W9 (U.S. affiliates) or a W8BEN (international affiliates) is needed on file before payments can be made.

How can I monitor my sales?

Through your affiliate account dashboard you can run reports on sales, commissions, clicks and conversion rates.

How often can I view reports?

You can access updated reports on the Stratosphere Affiliate membership site 24 hours a day.
For additional inquires please contact us at:

The above FAQs are not intended to describe the entirety of the Stratosphere Affiliate Program, nor all of the responsibilities of an Affiliate. Please refer to the Stratosphere Affiliate Operating Agreement for a full discussion of your rights and responsibilities as an Affiliate.

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